At a technological level

ZELD-e will deliver a fully working system for monitoring and QA, and control of laser battery welding. Due to its decentralized architecture, the system is scalable and able to be utilized fully or partially depending on the end user’s requirements. Its compatibility with 3rd party solutions is enhanced (IoT framework), and its longevity as regards QA and control functionalities is prolonged as it incorporates updating mechanisms. Finally, its multisensory, non-invasive setup facilitates ease of integration and enables the automated certification of all the BP’s joints.

At a commercial level

ZELD-e aims to introduce a system with the aforementioned technological advantages, at a competitive price, in a new and specialized market, which typically utilizes technologically outdated solutions for laser welding monitoring and control. In addition, subparts of the system (Edge System, Control Agent) and the labeled datasets, emerged during system development, will be commercialized as individual products and add-on services. Potential customers are ranging from battery assembly line integrators, EV battery OEMs, Microgrid & Automotive manufacturers to Research Organizations.

At a research & innovation level

ZELD-e will introduce a series of methodologies regarding the QA and control of laser battery welding. Finally, ZELD-e due to its innovative nature will be placed as a cornerstone for future developments in the field of e-mobility and more specifically of BP manufacturing.